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Warbears 2 : Mission 2


Warbears 2 Mission 2 Walkthrough

1: Click on Steve and get him to shoot the glass dome with the enemy in it. He’ll then talk with lucas a bit. 2: Get agent Kla to check out the fuse box on the side of the house by walking over to it and pressing the button button. He will then tell the other’s he needs a fuse. 3: Make Kla go left and pick up the rock. (Note: You can either walk right and throw the rock, or keep the rock for something riskier, but worth morre points, later.) 4: Get Ryoh to chop the tree at MEDIUM strength, then IMMIDIATELY do it again. This should scare the squirrel into jumping onto the roof. 5: Make ryoh then chop the tree at full strength. It will fall into the roof and either blind or knock out the top-left enemy. 6: Have Ryoh cut the clothes line and take the rope. 7: At about this time, Steve’s mobile will ring. Do not turn it off, and you will get bonus points. (Note: It may ring at another time, if so, do same as above.) 8: Move Kla up to the front door. On the way he will talk about the guards on the first floor, simply continue to the front door. 9: Have Lucas take one move to the left, then make him do it again. He will barely avoid a goop blob shot at him, but it increases your % score. 10: Make Kla try to open the door. This will set off an alarm. Do this again as soon as possible afterwards. The aquirrel will begin screaming, and Steve will attempt to shoot it, opening a hatch on the east wing of the house. 11: Walk Lucas over to steve and talk to him as much as possible. Steve will eventually suggest head-butting the house. After you talk to him, walk one place to the left and do so. This will both make the pipe come down, and trap Steve within the glass dome. 12: After that, have Lucas talk to Steve. Maximum points will be awarded for telling him you’ll get him out. 13: Have Lucas climb the drain pipe FROM WHERE HE’S STANDING. Do not go left at first, or you will be shot. When lucas gets to the top, He will “kill” one of the enemies. 14: Solve the little puzzle in the room with Lucas. There has been rumor that the solutioon changes from person to person, but if it is consistant, it sould be 2 dots, 3 dots, 4 dots, then 1 dot. That will light up the attic for a second, and will then short-circuit a fuse in the basement.(Note: you will not be able to proceed untill you have completed the puzzle. This is indicated by a green checkmark that allows you to press the red button.) 15: Have Ryok climb up to the left side of the top of the tree on the roof, and have Lucas go to the wooden door on the left side. Attempt to open the door, and when you find that it is locked, the option of telling Ryoh will be available. 16: Tell Ryoh that the door is locked, and he will clear you to use explosives. Do so with Lucas. 17: Walk lucas to the far left lide of the room, and take the key. 18: (Note: read all of part 18 before proceeding.) Have Lucas open the steel door on the far right, and he will go downstairs. When he reaches the bottom, make sure your cursor is on him. The stairs will turn into a slide with a ramp, and a large metal ball will come down and tap Lucas, uninjuring him, but, if you keep your cursor on him, a move left option will become available, and you can use that to move out of the way and get a quick reflexes bonus. Also, Steve will recieve a call from Bea, who hangs up on him, giving you another bonus. Still, do not turn off his mobile. 19: Have Lucas walk to the first fuse box and remove the fuse. (It is closed.) 20: Move Kla off of the porch and open up the little basement window-things, then move right and open those. After that, prop up the drain pipe on the porch. 21: Lucas can now give Kla the fuse, do so, then move Kla all the way over to the outside fusebox you encountered earlier. 22: have Kla solve the sittle puzzle, by clicking on grey squares that were previously same-colored. It is a memory game. Do not click the black square. (Note: If you have a bad memory, you can “cheat” by either taking a screenshot, or staring at the center of the middle box during the whole time it’s there, freezing the image on your eyes, just be sure not to move your eyes.)(Note: it is random and different every time.) 23: Make Kla open the front door and the basement door. 24: Move Kla to the deck and have him open the front door; If you want, you can tell him to go inside, but he’ll simply say he can’t because enemies are in there. 25: Move lucas to the next room on the left. 26: Move Kla to the fuse box again and remove the fuse. This will close the basement door. 27: Move Kla to the first basement window, and hand the fuse to Lucas. 28: Move Lucas to the small panel and open it, than flip th switch. 29: Move Lucas back to the right once, and take out the fuse. 30: Give the fuse to Kla. 31: Use the fuse in the first box again to open the basement door. 32: Get Lucas by the fuse box closest to the stairs. 33: Use Kla to remove the fuse once again. 34: Move Kla to Lucas’ window, and hand the fuse to him. 35: Put the fuse in the box you are standing by, as Lucas. Move lucas right once. 36: Move Ryoh right until he hops onto the east wing roof. Lower the rope. 37: Have Lucas get to the window he came in from, and have him exit by the same window, freeing Steve. 38: (Note: read all of step 38 before proceeding.) Get Steve to go into the house. The enemies will shoot at him, but he will dodge continuously. You are completely safe. Quickly align the target, the crosshairs, and the mouse, then click to shoot guard 1. Do the same for guard 2. Now is when you’ll decide your fate. You can either shoot the guard and kill him now, or get the SECRET ITEM. To kill the guard, do the same thing as you did to guards 1 and 2, but to get the secret item, shoot a secret bullseye a few lines directly below the target, then kill the guard. You will notice that the secret item is an orb in a vase. Pick it up, if you want ending 4. (Note: This can lead you to endings 2 or 4, decided later. Not taking the orb, or simply not shooting it will lead you to endings 3 or 1.)(Note: setting the quality at Medium or Low may improve your performance by making the crosshairs faster.) 39: No matter what you did with the orb, move Kla inside. Some strange man will then appear and kill a tree. This (as far as I know) does not affect the mission in any way. 40: (Note: Read all of step 40 before proceeding)(Note: Step 40 has been lengthened due to complexity.) Make Kla turn on the computer, he will than tell Lucas to go outside and shoot the second blue component from the left on a little box. Just to be clear, this is simply the middle one. Do so with Lucas. Next, have Kla open up the programs file on the computer. IF YOU KEPT THE ROCK FROM EARLIER- Click MP3, and a crane will reanimate a dead enemy. IMMIDIATELY throw the rock at him for a bonus. This is similar to what happened earlier with Lucas and the bouldar. Next, start the Excape Reocedure with Kla. Kla will tell Ryoh to do something to the Escape pod. HERE IS WHERE YOU CHOOSE ENDINGS! If you didn’t take the orb from the vase, sit and do nothing as the sequence reaches zero to get ending 1. (A short recap will follow.) If you didn’t take the orb, IMMIDIATELY make Ryoh use his sword to get ending 3. (See step 41 for follow up.) If you did take the orb, IMMIDIATELY stop the sequence by letting Ryoh use his sword to get ending 2. (See step 41 for follow up.) If you did take the orb, sit and do nothing with ryoh as the sequence ends to get ending 4. (A short recap will follow.) 41: The shuttle will take off and the rope you tied with Ryoh will stop it. 42: (Note: Read all of step 42 before proceeding.) Walk Ryoh up to the ship and get in it, and a puzzle will be activated. To solve it, make the left half red, and the right half green, later earning steve a warbeer, OR as a variation, but for slightly less points, you may use steve to simply shoot it down, not leaving steve with a warbeer. Endings will be decided by the actions I described earlier. Ending 4 will give you the most points, and an A score if you followed everything correctly. The lower the number, usually, the lower the points. Thanks for reading! Please, If you know anything I don’t, or if I’ve made an error, E-Mail me at MANAX99@yahoo.com. THIS IS NOT PERFECT, but it’s all I know and it gets you 1800 out of 3000 points (which is pretty good, actually) and an A.

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    The Story

    It’s training time for the Warbears. All around Bedtime City you can sense trouble times coming, so they have to be prepared to face the evil creatures! Let the training begin!

    The target

    Find the secret item and avoid to be shot by enemies: don’t be so worry, they only use paintballs!

    The walkthrough

    Ryoh is near the tree. Smash the tree twice in a row with the sword but DON’T cut the tree (to do so, click when the red power meter is somewhere between the two lines on the blade). A squirrel will jump from the tree and land on the roof. Now cut the tree (extra points if power max). Cut the rope.

    Move Kla to the right and then check circuit panel. He needs a fuse to use it. Move Kla to the right again. Climb the stairs and go to the door. Press the button twice fast. The squirrel starts screaming and Steve will shoot at him (and miss him). Move Kla to the left (three times) and get the rock. Shoot with Steve’s gun (bullseye = extra points).

    Move Lucas to the left twice: an enemy will shoot at him and miss. Move Lucas back to the right and talk to Steve. Move Lucas to the left again and click his “head” icon to pull the drainpipe. Steve is now trapped. Talk to Steve with Lucas and select “Get You Out”.
    Climb the drainpipe with Lucas. The drainpipe will collapse and Lucas will end in the building. Move your mouse over Lucas to reveal the inside of the building. Check the machine behind Lucas. Push the switches in this following order (from left to right): 3,2,4,1. Push the red button.

    Make Ryoh climb the tree. Move Lucas to the left and try to open the door. It won’t open. Ask to Ryoh if the room is clear and then use explosives to open the door. Move Lucas to the left: he will enter the room and find a broken ladder. Get the key to the right. Move Lucas back twice to the right. Open the door (the key helps!).

    Move Lucas to the basement. Keep your mouse over Lucas and move left quickly to avoid being hit by the ball (extra points if Lucas dodge the ball).

    Move Lucas to the left. Open the fuse box and get a fuse. Move Kla to the right twice under window and open the small hatch near the ground. Move Kla to the right one more time and move the drainpipe. Open the second small hatch below the door. Move your mouse over Lucas (still in the basement) and give the fuse to Kla.

    Move Kla to the left twice (to the circuit panel) and then use the fuse. Use now the circuit panel and memorize the colored buttons: click the two yellows buttons first then click the two orange buttons, then the two blue buttons and finally the two purple buttons (don’t worry if you make a mistake, just retry – 3 attempts available – until you succeed. Extra points if you hack the panel during your first attempt). After successfully hacking the panel, click the basement door to unlock it.

    Move Lucas to the left once. Take the fuse from the circuit panel with Kla. Move Kla to the right once and give the fuse to Lucas. Lucas put the fuse in the second fuse box. Move Lucas to the left, open box and then pull the lever. Move Lucas to the right, get the fuse and give it to Kla. Move Kla to the left and put the fuse in the circuit panel. Use the circuit panel and click the basement door to open it and the front door to unlock it. Move Lucas to the right once. Move Kla to the front door and open it.

    Now back to the circuit panel: get the fuse from the circuit panel with Kla. Move Kla twice to the right and give the fuse to Lucas. Lucas puts the fuse in the fuse box: the light is on in the safe room. Move Lucas to the right.

    Move now Ryoh to the right side of the roof and then jump down. Ryoh lowers the rope. Lucas climbs out and is back in the house. Lucas jumps out the window, hits the drainpipe and… Steve is free!

    Move Steve to the left and then into the house. Shoot the two first enemies. Before shooting the third enemy, look at the target carefully: there is a small red dot somewhere in the lower part of the target.

    Shoot this dot first and then shoot the center of the target (bullseyes = more points). Steve gets the shiny item that was hidden in the vase. Move Kla into the house and use the computer.

    Move Steve outside and use the gun (hit the second blue circle from the right). Kla use the computer again. Click the MP3 icon and keep your mouse over Kla to use the rock as fast as you can to kill the enemy (extra points).

    Use the computer and click the “escape procedure” icon. Use Ryoh’s sword to stab the safe and attach it with the rope. The safe will start flying. Make Ryoh board the safe. Play with the control panel until one side is green and the other side red and land the safe (extra points earned), or, alternative ending, shoot the safe with Steve to land it. Watch the final scene with the penguins.

    There are four different endings:

    Retrieve the shiny item and land the safe (bad for the squirrel!).
    Retrieve the shiny item, Steve shoots the safe.
    Let the safe fly away.
    Kill Kla (move twice to the right), Kill Ryoh (cut the tree and climb on the roof), pull the drain pipe with Lucas: once Steve is trapped, kill Lucas (move to the left)!

    To reach 100%, you will have to replay the game over and over, and find every single possible action performed by each Warbear (especially the wrong ones that lead to fail the mission).


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