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Medieval Escape


Medieval Dungeon is a room escape game in the setting of Medieval era. You have been accused of heresy without any reason and held captive in dungeon’s prison. Escape the dungeon or you will burn at the stake tomorrow!

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  • mhjfghd July 3, 2011, 2:27 pm

    game don’t load

  • Harry May 27, 2011, 1:44 am

    Ignore the last four lines.
    Forgot to delete them lol

  • Harry May 24, 2011, 7:25 am

    WALKTHROUGH (If your really stuck)

    I apologise for this early walkthrough, but don’t read it all if you know you can find your own way out.

    Your first room is a cell shared with Mr Skelly hanging on the wall.
    Click to the bottom right of the yellow straw on the floor to find a stone.
    Use the stone on Mr skelly’s mouth and his jaw drops. Click again on the mouth and you find a green rag or cloth known in the game as a something?
    Use the green something on the greem moss on the right hand wall, and you will find a ring with a emblem.

    Now go left or right into the next room where there are hanging chains, a huge door, three rocks and ,more moss on the walls.
    Click on the largest of the three rocks and pick up the flameless torch.
    Go back to the cell room.
    Click on the torch then click on the straw.
    The torch is now filled with straw. Now click on the torch again and then click on the burning torch on the wall ahead to ignite your torch.

    Now go back to the other room either direction (left or right)
    Just under the hanging chains you will notice something shining in the moss straight ahead. Click on that shing area and reveal an emblem carved in stone.
    Place the emblem ring from your items inside the emblem carved stone to open up a portal on the wall to the right. Click on the new opened portal to go to the next level

    This room is dark but you have a spot light in any direction that you look around in this room. On the left is a wooden shelve rack with items stored. A table and chair with some scrolls on it. Just above and on either side of the table and on the wall are two flameless torches.
    Firstly go to the shelves – On the top left hand shef collect a red ruby gem.
    On the top right shelf collect an oil flask. On the floor to the left of the shelf collect a feather.
    Click on the oil flask and then click on any one of the two torches on the wall. Next click on your burning torch from the items and then on either one of the two torches that you have just drenched with the oil flask.
    Yippy kai yey, the lights are on and you can see better now.

    Next click on the feather, and then click on the smalll black ink pot which is located next to a larger green bottle on the middle left hand side shelf.
    You feather now has dipped in ink.
    Now click twice on the scroll on the table to open it.

    There is nothing written on the scroll yet.
    Click on the feather once again and then click on the empty scroll and text appears with a question. Type YES and hit enter on your keyboard.
    Next the scroll asks you the answer to the first riddle- answer is stars.
    Second riddle’s answer is: spinningwheel.
    Third riddle answer is: reality
    Well done now you have been granted access to the masters room.
    Click on the door and enter.

    In this room there are two stone tables on either side and in the middle there is a secret passageway.
    The stone table on the left has some potions and a book on it.
    The stone table on the right has more books and a scroll.
    On the right hand stone table click on the stone to reveal a close up window of the scroll and books, and a green gem appears sitting in the middle. Click on the green gem to pick it up. The green gem is called a smaragd.
    Now click the area next to the furthest leg of the left hand side stone table to reveal another close up with a lever.
    Click on the lever and a red square appears in the middle of the passage
    way. Feed the red square with the ruby
    There is now a larger green square on the passageway.
    Feed the green square with the green smaragd.
    The portal has become bigger and alas click your way to freedom.

    If you click only on the scroll without the zoomed window it reads something like the pathway is fed by the gems (Clue)

    Now you have the smaragd, just one more place to click onto.

    Look towards the far bottom

  • TaeP May 23, 2011, 4:01 pm

    Riddle answers
    1. stars
    2. spinning wheel
    3. reality


  • Jeanne May 23, 2011, 12:17 pm

    Why can’t I get a walkthrough or hint on this? I am stumped on the second riddle, so I am stuck in the portal room :(

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