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Kidnapped by Pirates


You’ve been kidnapped and taken aboard a pirate ship. Search for items and use them to escape the grasp of those nasty pirates!


– Put something heavy in the hammock and there are more than 1 thing to be used.

– Find the door code on a sticker.

– Solve the missing item from the plaque in the cabin with a trap door.

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  • Taj July 11, 2012, 6:17 am

    Great game!

  • ranjitha.rr November 29, 2010, 6:27 am

    very bad @dirty

  • fathar September 6, 2009, 2:03 am

    thnx for the walktrough!

  • Wildpath September 1, 2009, 8:47 am

    That has to be the most annoying music EVER. Cool game, I guess. Thanks for the walkthrough, Erica!

  • bikerboy August 11, 2009, 1:44 am

    This game was really cool…bit easy but fun!

  • Erica August 10, 2009, 12:42 pm

    It’s an okay game but the ending kinda sucks.

    1 – Go left one screen. Click and drag the top ring of the barrel to reveal a crowbar. Take it and use it on the crate on the left of the screen. Look inside the crate and keep clicking the straw until you find the gold. Take it then go back and head left one screen. Use the gold bar on the lock and go forward one screen.
    2 – Click and drag the box closest to the door to reveal a key. Take it and head forward one screen.
    3 – Enter the upper left door (remember this room as you will visit it a few times) and take a cannon ball then return to the hallway. Use your key on the lower left door and enter the room. Use the cannon ball in the bottom cannon to reveal a cog and a key. Take both and head back to the hallway.
    4 – Use your key on the lower right door and enter the room. Grab the hammock and then look at the boot to get the combination. Now click on the locker and put in the combination (left, left, right, left) then click the handle to open it. Take the lighter and key then head back to the hallway.
    5 – Enter the upper right room and use the lighter on the lantern to illuminate the room. Use the cog on the empty peg and pull the lever then return to the hallway. Go grab another cannon before heading forward.
    6 – Enter the upper left room and use the crowbar on the grey box. Grab the rope and return to the hallway. Enter the lower left room and click the barrel to get the code then return to the hallway again. Click on the lower right door and put in the code (354) followed by the bottom button then enter the room.
    7 – Look at the paper on the right to see the order for the code. Look at the paper to the immediate left of the map to see the numbers for the code. Then click on the box and put the code in (7394) and click the switch to open it. Grab the diamond. Return to the room, grab the oar, and leave.
    8 – Use your key on the upper right room and enter. Click on the mattress on the right to reveal a trap door. Use the rope on the door and then the hammock on the end of the rope. Put your cannon ball in the hammock then head back to get another cannon ball. Put that one in the hammock as well and you can now head down the ladder.
    9 – Click the center of the grey console and put your diamond in the little box at the bottom. Click ON twice (the password request is just a red herring) to reveal the shield. Take it and return to the hallway. Head back two screens and grab the sword.
    10 – Go forward two screens and enter the upper right room again. Use the shield on the wall and the sword in the slot then return to the hallway. Head forward one screen, click on the waves, and you’re free.

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