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May 13, 2013
urbex scary game

Explore an old abandoned factory in this point and click scary adventure game.  In Urbex (Urban Exploration) game, your task is to follow your friend’s trail into an old factory, find clues and take pictures. Looks like there’s something very dark lurking within, would you be able to survive?

Killer Escape

May 10, 2013
Killer Escape

Killer Escape is a scary escape game from the maker of Being One – Psionic. You are being trapped in a dungeon cell by a psychotic serial killer.

Deep Sleep

October 15, 2012
Deep Sleep

Deep Sleep is point and click horror game created by scriptwelder for Kongregate. You find yourself trapped inside a nightmare’s dream.

Monster Basement 2

March 30, 2010
Monster Basement 2 Walkthrough

This is the 2nd chapter of Monster Basement. The story continues after you slain the monster and ascend the monsters basement.

Abandoned 2

March 23, 2010
Abandoned 2

Abandoned is back with its 2nd Episode. A strange energy is blocking your exit, so you are going back into the mansion with more creepy rooms to explore this time.

DeadEnd’s Hotel

March 9, 2010
Thumbnail image for DeadEnd’s Hotel

DeadEnd’s hotel is a French horror escape game. Turn the lights down low, and the volume up high, and get immersed in the creepy world.

Haunted: Trapped Soul

November 1, 2009
Thumbnail image for Haunted: Trapped Soul

Haunted : Trapped Soul (Warning: Not suitable for young children) is a creepy escape game. One late night, you are driving car during heavy rain.
“After you hit some… creature… you wake up at a strange place.
Nothing around you, but only that ghostly abandoned house…”


October 29, 2009
Thumbnail image for Inculcation

This is a point and click horror – puzzler game combined with some action elements. When you see a enemy creature thingie, you need to shoot it three times to kill it. If in doubt, go through the in-game instructions.

Orchestrated Death

October 13, 2009
Thumbnail image for Orchestrated Death

A wicked mini game for this Halloween month. You play the role of Death. Be ruthless in your quest to end each persons life using whatever is in the room.

Exmortis 3

September 10, 2009
Thumbnail image for Exmortis 3

Fans of Exmortis (popular horror point and click game) will be thrilled. The much awaited Exmortis 3 game is here!  *Warning* Exmortis 3 contains explicit violence, profanity and shocking images, not for kids.

The Holes

June 29, 2009
Thumbnail image for The Holes

A different type of point and click escape the room game from Yunus Bayraktaroglu.

Crime Evidence 2

May 29, 2009
Thumbnail image for Crime Evidence 2

In part-I, a young girl Jenny is murdered and we suspect four people who are closely related to Jenny.

Crime Evidence

May 24, 2009
Thumbnail image for Crime Evidence

You are working as a private detective and you have got a message about the murder case, and have entered into the place before the cops arrive.

Saw IV – Trapped

September 4, 2008
saw 4 trapped scary game

“Trapped” turns the Saw IV movie into a haunting game experience filled with a shockingly sadistic challenge. Free Jigsaw’s two prisoners from captivity by placing the right item in the right room in the right order.

Monster Basement

May 23, 2008
Monster Basement Walkthrough

A scary room escape and point and click game created by Godlimations. In the game, you wake up, and find yourself locked down in a creepy basement. You will find many strange things down here, and must search the room thoroughly for clues to escape before the MONSTER RETURNS! – Subbed by Ryoko.

Goliath The Soothsayer

April 9, 2008
Thumbnail image for Goliath The Soothsayer

Play Goliath The Soothsayer to uncover the dark story that inspired the Mars Volta to produce their latest album, The Bedlam in Goliath.


April 8, 2008

Purgatorium is another creepy point and click escape the room game from Ben Leffler, the author of Exmortis. This is a short and easy game, you shouldn’t have problem getting through this one on your own.


March 12, 2008
Abandoned Game

Explore the scary rooms as you try to get your bearings and find out where you are and how to escape.

The Stone of Anamara

November 1, 2007
Thumbnail image for The Stone of Anamara

The Stone of Anamara is another creepy point and click game for thrill seekers. The game starts with you running away from a crime scene and you take refuge at a deserted children’s asylum. While exploring around the asylum, you uncover the story behind the asylum doctor and the mysterious illness of his [...]

Ghost Story

October 5, 2007
Ghost Story Scary Games

Ghost Story is another point and click game categorized in our scary games collection. The story goes like this : Your father bought an old house a couple years ago, strange things have happened in the house and your father died. Now, you have to venture into the house to investigate and uncover the secrets [...]

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