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The Fog Fall


The Fog Fall is a psychological thriller set in an alternate-history around the Cuban Missile Crisis. Descend into your basement / bomb shelter after a mysterious nighttime fog to see what has changed…and what hasn’t.

The Fog Fall will haunt your dreams as it challenges your imagination to solve a series of fiendishly challenging puzzles.

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  • Anonymous September 27, 2009, 11:48 am

    really like this game!! wicked idea on the setting as well!

  • Fog Fall 2 Walkthrough August 6, 2009, 1:33 pm

    Fog Fall 2 Walkthrough

    1.Click on the gray piece of metal in the first scene.
    2.Enter the fallout shelter.
    3.Go as far back as you can and take the right door.
    4.You’ll see a cabinet on the right, open the two glass doors
    and grab the fuel can.
    5.Exit the fallout shelter.
    6.Go towards the orange car.
    7.Click on the orange car, grab the crowbar.
    8.Enter town.
    9.Click on the garage to the right, crowbar the lock off it.
    10.Enter the garage, click on the cabinet to the left and grab
    the hammer.
    11.Exit back into town and click on the left house.
    12.Grab the rifle ammo from the poor guy’s corpse.
    13.Exit out of there, go to the right house, talk to the guy.
    14.Go further into town. In the distance there is a gas station,
    click on it, go in, talk with the guy in there as well.
    15.Go back to the fallout shelter.
    16.Go to the far back of the shelter and go left, where there is
    a brick wall. Use the hammer to smash it down.
    17.Go forward twice. Read the dead man’s journal and grab the
    spaghetti from the shelf on the right.
    18.Leave the fallout shelter.
    19.Go back to the screen you started at and go to the right.
    20.Click on the window
    21.Click on the doorway
    22.Click on the well
    23.Grab the accumulator (battery).
    24.Go back to the road leading into the forest.
    25.Take the forest path to the guard tower, climb the ladder.
    26.Load the ammo into the gun, take aim, and blast some mutants
    until there are none left.
    27.Speak to the woman and receive your reward for saving her.
    28.Grab the necklace and take it back to the house on the right.
    Give it to the man on the porch with a rifle. He’ll give you the
    key to the car.
    29.Go back to the gas station in town. Trade the food for gas.
    30.Go back to the truck in the garage.
    31.Click on the gas cap, pour the gas in.
    32.Enter the car, pull the lever on the right to pop the hood.
    33.Exit the car, click on the hood. Open the hood.
    34.Insert the accumulator between the red and green plugs.
    35.Close the hood.
    36.Enter the car, insert the key.
    37.Drive off to… safety?

  • Fog Fall Walkthrough August 6, 2009, 1:31 pm

    The Fog Fall Walkthrough:
    1. From starting position, turn left bathroom, take toothpaste from the left closet and toxic thing right closet. Now you will see a bag (first aid bag actually) behind the bath tub, click and get the sticking plaster. Go Back

    2. Starting position, newspaper on ground at right click it note the number 76 first.

    3. Go right, storage room, on the left middle shelf click the box get sprocket, middle top shelf click the box get the wrench and go back to starting position.

    4. go upstairs, turn left, see a door covered with bricks and some colorful cords on its left side, click cords then click cords again you will see matches get them

    5. go back turn left in the room click the basket and get the tape, plug to the machine at the right wall go back, right door from the corridor click waste basket and get the key. Go back to the corridor with brick door (wall whatever) go back

    5. Downstairs, go forward, click the left door -kitchen- use wrench on gas tube and matches after the metal thing above gets red and kinda shatters, click the gas tube again to turn it off and get the shattered metal.

    6. go back, enter the door you are facing, click the key and the drawer get the chain. go back to starting position.

    6. Go downstairs a room with a bicycle, under the big wheel on left you will see an empty spot put sprocket there and the chain to bicycle, a little animation and there you go with electricity.

    7. Go upstairs to starting position, click ahead to the hall where kitchen and the room (you got chain from) stays. See a drawer on the left wall goo use tooth paste first and toxic lotion second on the closet, kind a chemical reaction and tata here it opens, click and get the small key. Go back to the starting position.

    8. So far you must have small key, sticking plaster and metal thing on your inventory, ok go upstairs, first click to right wall where you will see a number written. 2285 write it down go back. Turn left, turn right (or click whatever)use small key on the desks drawer get console get back from the room facing to brick door,

    9. Take left, if you want you can click the machine with the tape and listen the recording. Useless though. There are 3 drawings on the wall click on them, the one on le left you will see where you have to put the console device. Put your device on the console just above the basket with red light on it.

    10. Click on the device requires a code and yes it is the code written on the wall enter 2285 and there you go you have the periscope. Click and look at it, it is not the view thats important but the number written on left side note it. (19)

    11. Go back, go back now facing the stairs click left to the room with the radiation suit. Ok. there is a numberic pd on the door click on it so what can be the password. Right, First 76 (from the newspaper) and 19 (from the periscope) now enter 7619 and press “e” door opens

    12. Click the suit, then click the helmet (gas mask) says mask is thorn. No problem you have sticking plaster, click on it and to the mask now get the mask too.

    13. You are ready to go out, go back facing the stairs go forward click the door handle it opens go forward, use piece of metal on the control at the right of the door click the door opens go forward 2 times and you are out.

  • coldblood August 5, 2009, 1:03 pm

    i clicked on the walkthrough link and it takes me to this page. whats the point of the link when theres no walkthrough?

  • coldblood August 5, 2009, 12:58 pm

    nope more like the escape series with tthe kichen living room and bathroom

  • coldblood August 5, 2009, 12:56 pm

    the picture up there looks like its part of the submachine series

  • Catherine August 2, 2009, 9:24 am

    Challenging but manageable. Very enjoyable though also very short sadly.

  • googlehiemerness12 August 1, 2009, 2:28 pm

    this is a complicated game! and a stupid ending

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